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In the above video how to make a simple laptopcleaningservice step followed by our expert. In a laptop cleaning service some basic rules and gadgets are used by professionals.  required items is listed below:

  1. A Screw Driver set
  2. Opener
  3. thermal paste
  4. cotton
  5. chemical (IP) in case motherboard IC and components clean requirement

In the above video technician open a asus x509ja model. starting they remove bottom plate. In removing bottom plate unscrew 10 Phillips-head screws holding the bottom panel. in removing clips use precaution. Keep in mind that the material here is not of the best quality.which ultimately means you can damage the laptop quite easily.

After opening the bottom plate we remove the battery connection. There are three Phillips-head screws that lock it in place. As for the unit, itself, it has a 32Wh capacity, which is disappointing for a 15-inch notebook. it’s very easy. it is only done under the supervision of an expert.

How to Cool your systems

In terms of cooling, the X509 features a bizarre execution. There are no heat pipes, but just a little heat spreader placed right on top of the processor. Then, air is blown towards it, while plastic rails on the bottom plate guide the airflow from the fan, through the heat spreader, all the way to the side of the machine.

In the above video of example, our expert easily removes the bottom plate and battery connection. after that, they clean the fan and paste the pasting on CPU or processor.

The same steps followed by experts who are in the business of laptop repair. But every laptop has different screws and opening on the bottom plate. Kindly watch the videos of your laptop models on youtube how to disassemble a specific laptop.

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In Our Service, We Offer You and Your Systems and laptops are Software and hardware Repair & Parts Replacement Services At Your Doorstep In Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad


Laptop Full Cleaning Services

Full laptop cleaning services included fan cleaning, dust removal, thermal paste change, and motherboard cleaning by chemical to remove the moisture of the motherboard.


Laptop Hard Disk Replacement Services

In Laptop Hard disk replacement services. we provide to you with 3 and 5 year warranty SSD with different brand wd, sandisk, samsung, crucial, Kingston, consistent etc.

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Laptop Motherboard Repair Services

Only Expert Will Repair Your Laptop Motherboard. Our Inhouse Expert Will Fix Your Motherboard on a same day services.

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Laptop Battery Replacement Services

We have one year and 6-month laptop battery to you for you any brand laptop like acer, dell, hp, lenovo,asus etc. Our Battery are genuine or compatible.

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Laptop Windows Installation Services

Our Software expert will repair your original laptop Windows 10 or windows 11, windows 8, and Windows 7. Their software expertise is a higher level.

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Laptop All Repairing Services

We have years of experience and a solid reputation so you can rest assured that you, your latpop and computer system are in safe hands.


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We have years of experience and a solid reputation so you can rest assured that your computer and laptop system are in safe hands.

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We have years of experience and a solid reputation so you can rest assured.

I Have HP x360 laptop with the problems of hinges. They send their best expert in my house in Delhi. They clean my laptop and fix my hinges as well as low cost.Thanks again for laptop cleaning service at home.
MD. Khan
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Last few months we faced blue screen of error in my laptop. they replace my ram and install new ram and fix the blue screen of error issues at my homes.
R G Singh
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Good experience. They give me best customer service. I need replacement of my broken laptop screen on urgent basis but screen was not available at that time so they give me another screen so that my work not impacted and on next day they replace the same with new and correct model screen
yousuf khan


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We have years of experience and a solid reputation so you can rest assured that your computer system are in safe hands.

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